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Getting started

Carolann McCann

So many times we start off with good intentions for change. This true in all areas of life. How many times are we successful when we have started out without a solid plan? Maybe a few times we are lucky, but for most, we end up spinning in circles and become frustrated.

We really do need to have some kink of plans in place. Perhaps begin with an end result in mind, and how things will look and feel at the finish line. Ask yourself some hard questions like:

1. Why am doing this?

2. What will happen if I do nothing?

3. Where will my motivation come from on those hard days?

4. Do I have a support team?

For me, my health is the forefront of my decision making. Sometimes we need reminding why we have made these changes to our diet and lifestyle. I ask myself  "How is this impacting me today? Is this benefiting me today, or tomorrow. Are the choices I am making today a negative impact or a positive one?" I am looking to my future, my health and longevity. Of course we all have moments where we indulge or pause for a celebration. What I am pointing to is we can't make Tuesday a celebration just for being Tuesday! Enjoy the moments you celebrate with your family! 

It's important to have a plan when we want to have a low carb lifestyle that points us and our family to a much better place. 

Watch for my Blog post on How To Enjoy The Celebrations! coming soon.