Is Fasting right for me

Is Fasting right for me

Carolann McCann

Should I be fasting?

We have been fasting for 1000's of years. Fasting is nothing new. While most can utilize fasting for many health benefits, there are some who should not be fasting. If you are pregnant, you and your growing baby need the nutrients for development and should not be fasting. Also those who have been diagnosed with eating disorders are advised not to fast. Always speak to your doctor or medical team before making any changes to your diet or starting an intermittent fasting program like ours. 

If you are looking for weight loss, fasting for intervals of time may produce the change in weight you are looking for. Setting aside times of fasting may also help to reduce inflammation. We know that inflammation drives our insulin resistance and this drives our weight up. Intermittent fasting allows the body the time it needs to do some work for you, to begin healing from the inside out. If you are looking to have better daily blood glucose readings, intermittent fasting, in time can improve your A1C. If you are taking medications for blood sugars, you must follow and consult with your doctor regularly. Medications will be monitored and altered by your doctor.


Best practices

Give it some thought as to why you are wanting to begin fasting and making dietary changes. We all need to have a Why We Started

Having a reason is what will help you through on days when you need extra energy and strength. Over time your WHY may change. Even if your WHY today is to just get out of bed, or take the stairs instead of the elevator, or because you want to experience an active life with your family, whatever it is, remind yourself of it daily and keep your focus and motivation on the success of today!