low carb pancakes

Little Lauren's "I'm so blue for you blueberry pancakes"

Carolann McCann
Ingredients:  6 eggs
                          4 oz cream cheese
                          3 oz melted butter 
                          2/3 cup almond flour
                         2/3 cup oat fiber
                          2 Tsp. baking powder
                          1/2 lemon (just the zest)
                        pinch of salt
                        3 oz. blueberries
                        Heavy Whipping Cream
1. In a bowl mix eggs, cream, melted butter
2. Combine the remaining ingredients in a separate bowl ( not the blueberries ) and pour into the egg mixture. Mix well then allow to rest a few moments.
3. Over medium heat fry pancakes in preferred cast iron skillet. Before flipping drop ample amount of blueberries and flip.
4. Serve with whipping cream and add several fresh blueberries as a delicious garnish.
This is a weekend pleasure!