Booking a Consultation is the first step to purchasing your coaching package.:

What to expect from your UNLIMITED coaching program:

The Low Carb Family Program has made a way for clients to book as many sessions as they need and want!

No need to worry about the number of sessions you have and no more saving sessions.

6 Months of Unlimited sessions

Unlimited 1:1 coaching for the family (household members 18yrs and older can participate)

Personalized plans for each adult member of the family

Group meet and greet with your family and our coaches

Creating meals for your low carb family

Shopping strategies for the family: school lunches, holiday planning

Setting goals

Intermittent Fasting* Strategies

How to maintain weight loss

Illness prevention

Lower blood sugar

Unlimited check in with coach of your choice

Flexible booking calendar with 1 or 2 coaches

All programs include;

A personalized fasting and nutritional program created with you and your family's health goals and low carb lifestyle in mind.

Education on fasting protocols, healthy eating strategies, and why fasting can be an effective for weight loss, improving blood glucose levels, lowering insulin levels, and the remission of metabolic syndrome, therapeutic use when partnered with traditional medicine

Check-ins so that we can adjust your program as you go, to support and guide through intermittent fasting protocols, keep client on track, answer questions pertaining to the individual need of client through email between scheduled appointments

Initial intake session: An opportunity for each (18 year and older) family member to determine goals, provide personalized plan, weight loss, meal planning, basics of Intermittent Fasting; the how to

Follow Up appointments, to provide ongoing support and education, answer questions, avoid stalls and plateaus. These may be booked as a couple or on your own. Also, you always have the option to choose which coach you will see on any given session booked.

None of The Low Carb Family Program coaches, staff, consultants, office administration or any affiliate of TLCFP offer medical advice, all clients must consult their doctor/medical team or medical practitioner to ask questions regarding medication adjustments when beginning any diet changes or intermittent fasting protocols.

This program is not a substitute for medical care.

All packages expire in 6 months (180 days) of purchase date and are non refundable.

Booking a Consultation is the first step to purchasing your coaching package.

*You must be 18 years and older to participate in a fasting program.

Please read our Terms of Service Agreement

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