How did you become The Low Carb Family?

After a Stage lll Breast Cancer (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma) diagnosis in early 2016, I became a patient of Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos at their Intensive Dietary Management clinic in Scarborough, Ontario. Using a low carbohydrate/high fat diet combined with strategic fasting, I was not only able to sustain my energy and health through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I thrived! I was also able to lose and maintain a 50lbs weight loss.  I know the key to my success was in changing my approach to food and incorporating intermittent fasting, not only to improve my cancer outcome, but as a lifestyle change.
It wasn't enough that my husband and I were getting healthy and strong, we wanted more. We wanted a family that was healthy and strong.  As parents to seven amazing people, we have faced our share of trial and errors. Over the years we have made important decisions that not only impacted our health, but that of our family. I have spent the past 5 years looking at food as medicine, guiding my clients through this same process that enables them to overcome disease and improve health, longevity and endurance.
The Low Carb Family Program was designed with your family in mind. Through my work as a Nutritionist and Fasting Coach to individuals, it became clear to me that a "whole family" approach was necessary. The clients I spoke to on a daily basis were thriving and very successful, but parents often struggled with implementing the low carb principles into their household. It's very important to understand that a "whole home" approach to these principles not only helps the children, but it helps the parents be more successful as well!

What is your training?

I have trained under the guidance of program founder and CEO Megan Ramos, The Fasting Method.
Nutritionist & Fasting Coach with The Fasting Method

My approach to coaching?

Taking control of our health is more than just a saying, it's a lifestyle. As a parent to a very busy household, I want to lead by example. It is my passion to encourage individual change that will spark positive changes in others. I'm a listener, genuine care taker and above all an empathetic encourager. We will get there, in time!

Most important message to clients?

Nothing happens overnight. Real change takes work, time and patience.

What do I expect from clients?

Open-mind and honesty. A willingness to put off old ideas and embrace a healthy future.

Key to The Low Carb Family Program success?

Although each client is different, and may require a slightly different approach,  our principals are true for all.  Trust the process and trust your coach.