Questions we get asked

Will I lose weight?

As we look to ancestral eating habits, intermittent fasting has been a part of life for centuries. Most likely, when you take time to fast you are going to see a change in weight. It is a tool for weight loss and weight maintenance and may have significant benefits to overall wellness and health.

What is the best diet to be on?

The Low Carb Family Program believes in a real food, whole food approach to eating. For those dealing with other health concerns such as type-2 diabetes or insulin resistance, eating a low carb diet may have a greater impact on daily blood glucose and reduce insulin resistance.

What kind of fast should I be doing?

First and foremost, the fast with your best results is the fast you should be doing. Start with something achievable and work your way to longer fasts. Build up your fasting endurance like a runner would. We may want to run a marathon but we need to put in some training days first.

Isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day?

We grew up with these words and we carry them into our family. While some days we do enjoy breakfast it’s not how we start most days. Giving your body a few extra hours of healing from your fast while sleeping is another way of allowing the body to burn fat for energy. Hunger for most is at its lowest in the morning. Don’t worry, skipping breakfast does not lead to eating more for lunch!

How many hours of fasting should I do at one time?

Doing more of something isn’t always giving more results. Have you ever been in a canoe with a new paddler? They double stroke and splash around sending your canoe in circles. While it might be fun at first, soon you are tired and have gotten nowhere. Once the experienced paddler gives some instructions on how to slow the paddle down, working together, the canoe now begins to float across the lake at a nice pace. Less work and more distance! The same is true for your fasting days. Your Low Carb Family Program coach will work to create a fasting schedule that is best for you depending on your goals and health concerns. Your plan is customized to fit your lifestyle with the support and guidance of an expert coach.

Why am I so hungry when I am fasting?

Hunger is often described as a wave, or a cycle that comes and goes. Don’t worry, this does begin to pass as you become more active and find things to keep you busy. When you get the brain engaged in an activity like gardening or sewing or even woodworking, now the hands and brain are busy together and in a short amount of time the cycle or wave of hunger is pushed away. Having a glass of water or preparing some tea can help pass the cycle and wave of hunger.  Day 1 or the first 24hr can see more waves than say Day 3 or Day 4. Once your body begins to burn fat for energy we feel less hungry, some do not feel hunger at all.

Who should not fast?

Pregnant women: You need fortified diet and nutrients for baby

Breastfeeding: You need fortified diet and nutrients for baby

Underweight: Eating disorders documented by doctor

Under 18 years: You need nutrients for growth

How should I break my fast?

If you are breaking a longer fast, take a gentle approach. Often after a long fast we are looking forward to eating and can have some tummy upset or send us to the bathroom!! You will quickly learn what is the best way for your body. Settling into your regular routine as soon as possible is best practice.